PAWS: Show Preview

Glasgow trio PAWS are about to release their second album, Youth Culture Forever, which frankly doesn't sound very Scottish, whatever you take that to mean. Whereas its predecessor, the relentlessly catchy Cokefloat!, surfed effortlessly along the swooping forelock of '90s grunge, in the vein of revivalists like Yuck and Joanna Gruesome, this one has the sort of galvanically scrappy mid-aughts Canadian vibe you might associate with Japandroids or Solids. All of which is exactly the kind of tiresome rock-crit rhetorical calculus you probably have no use for, especially when the songs in question, the old ones and the new, are this much fun. Just for that, I'm not even going to characterize headlining act We Are Scientists. They're good too, though.

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