People Under the Stairs on The Simpsons, on Deck

Gavin Newsom wasn't the only familiar celeb to be part of The Simpsons' 20th anniversary special last Sunday night.  Hip-hop duo People Under the Stairs were in on Homer's action as well. Thes One and Double K–who live in L.A., but we consider localish since they're on Bay label Om Records–recorded a special anniversary theme song for the show, collaborating with Mr. Party Til You Puke On the Piano, Andrew W.K.–who took to the ivories and “did some scatting” with PUTS. Their part of the theme sounds kinda brief–the group admits it's a “blink and you'll miss it” contribution–but they were pretty damn excited nonetheless. PUTS says Harlem Gospel Choir, Moby, and Phish also added to the song.

You can hear more PUTS this weekend, when Thes and Double headline a DJ night at Som Bar to promote their new record, Carried Away. J Boogie will also be on deck. We can only hope PUTS uses their Simpsons connections to convince Homer to come out and perform “Rapper's Delight.”

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