Pinback: Show Preview

Much like Built to Spill and Elliott Smith before them, if there's one thing Pinback is exceptionally skilled at, it's being able to bum you out with poetic precision. Since launching the band in the late 1990s — the name comes from a character in the 1974 sci-fi comedy Dark Star — the San Diego duo of Rob Crow and Zach Smith have been tightfisted with how and when they deliver new songs to add to their repertoire of arcane, compact indie rock. They deliver lyrical details and declarations of joy with subtle power, always leaving you itching to learn more about Pinback's tribulations and the world they occupy. Take the opening lines of “Proceed to Memory,” the opening track on the outfit's 2012 full-length Information Retrieved: “And when the seasons get you down/I'll come running to tuck you in/Out the window looks like all of the colors/All of them melting down.” Things don't get particularly upbeat — or telling — from there, but this stuff sure is pretty.

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