Pitchfork's Best Albums List: What It Got Right, and What It Got Wrong (So Far), in 10 Sentences

Some music website called Pitchfork is unveiling its list of the year's best albums this week. Since this site and its opinions are marginally important to the music world, and since the whole point of lists is to agree and/or disagree, here's our reaction — in the form of 10 brief sentences — to the albums on the list so far. (That's 20 honorable mentions and Nos. 50-21 of the best albums of the year.) We'll continue the glibness tomorrow, when Pitchfork unveils its Top 20 albums of the year. And we'll be posting our own list of the year's best albums next week.

Things We Can Agree On
1. S.F. locals The Fresh & Onlys' Play it Strange (No. 29; “a non-stop hit parade”) deserves to be among the best 30 albums of the year.
2. S.F.'s Girls' Broken Dreams Club (No. 22) is (far) superior to Hot Chip's One Life Stand.
3. Grinderman 2 (honorable mention) is ridiculously enjoyable, but certainly not one of the year's 50 best albums.

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