Playboy Calls the Endup One of America's Best Late-Night Bars

Playboy, a magazine about being into Johnnie Walker and breasts, this week announced its list of the fourteen best late-night bars in America, possibly so that we can all go search them to see if Hef's ex-fiancee is hiding in any of them. The good news for San Francisco: the 'ol horny bunny rag honors The Endup (401 6th Street at Harrison), SOMA's all-night throwdown party palace, where the cover (often in the twenty buck range) gives you license to dance to 4 a.m. (weeknights) or well into the brunch (weekends, when the club thumps along right up to 11 in the morning.)

Factor in a sizable dancefloor, a great bumping soundsystem, a pool of powerhouse DJs, and a lively schedule of theme nights, and, yeah, you have a club that warrants the honor.

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