Plugged in, ASD's music picks for Friday, June 8 — Mice Parade, Menomena, LCD Soundsystem

Glitch rock: Mice Parade, 10pm at Bottom of the Hill. $10.

“To some extent, Mice Parade is just another Tortoise-inspired indie-fusion act, only with vocals. But those vocals make a huge difference, as Pierce sets a wistful tone that carries this album from the busy, swinging opener “Sneaky Red” to the skittering, rich-hued closer “The Nights After Fiction.” Mice Parade is a record steeped in sophistication and modern anxiety, rendered in multiple shades of beat-crazy.” –The Onion

Indie rock eclecticism: Menomena, 8pm at the Independent. $14.

“The instrumentation includes, but is hardly limited to, electric and acoustic guitars that evoke the sounds of tropical islands, midnight campfires, and sheet metal shops; drumming that's organic and jazzy here, heavily processed and hip hop-ish there; piano lines that make you want to weep or do a little jig; plus skronky horns, cabaret accordion, swelling organ, twinkling vibes, and nimble bass lines, all stitched together in songs alternately floaty and forceful..” –SFWeekly

The safety dance: LCD Soundsystem, 9pm at Mezzanine. $10.53.

“…splicing acid techno and New Order-inspired programming into the backbone of vigorous four-on-the-floor tempos.” –SFWeekly

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