“Politicizing Beyonce” and Four Other College Courses About Musicians We'd Love to Take

Anyone who's ever done a degree in the humanities will tell you that the opportunity for studying music in college is plentiful. Generally speaking, it'll be a “History of Pop Music” type deal, or business students might get the opportunity to study the economics of the music industry occasionally. But once in a while, some magnificent professor takes what is clearly an overblown personal interest in an artist and turns all of that passion and intrigue into their actual job. Here are the music courses we'd most like to study if we were in college right now.

“Politicizing Beyonce,” Rutgers University

If you've ever fancied spending your days juxtaposing Beyonce's music videos with black feminist theory, this new course from Rutgers University's Department of Women's and Gender Studies will be right up your alley. The class will be taught by a Doctoral student named Kevin Allred. If we enrolled in this course, we'd be most disappointed in anything that didn't involve Allred conducting lectures in Beyonce's “Single Ladies” outfit and waving the metal glove every time an important point was made. (But we've probably just been watching too much of the Dean in Community.)

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