Pomplamoose Explains Those Ubiquitous Hyundai Commercials, and Why They're Not Hipsters

UPDATE: For more on Pomplamoose, see our February, 23, 2011 cover story on the band.

The songs of Pomplamoose have seen millions of plays on YouTube. Fans from all over the world have downloaded more than a 100,000 MP3s of famous covers and the band's original songs on iTunes and other sites. Who knows how many TV viewers saw Pomplamoose's nearly ubiquitous holiday ads for Hyundai. But this Friday, the duo, based in Sonoma county, will play only its third-ever live show, opening for the Dresden Dolls at the Warfield.

Since Pomplamoose gained attention for its self-produced “video songs,” which show Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn playing every instrument they use to recreate, say, Lady Gaga's “Telephone,” the show will be especially interesting: How will Dawn and Conte's silly, low-key personalities and home-honed sound come through on a big stage? We spoke with Conte about this, the recent car commercials, and why you really shouldn't call them hipsters.

What should people expect from your live show?

It's going to be different than the record, but I guess the main reason is because there's going to be other musicians playing all the parts instead of just me and Nataly. We have a bass [and] guitar, and then drums, and I'll be playing keyboard mostly and some acoustic guitar. We have a backup vocalist who's going to be playing a lot of the extra orchestration like glockenspiel, toy piano, and little organ parts and things like that. So we'll be a five-piece band.

You'll be picking your favorite songs from the videos and the record?

Yeah, we're doing some covers and some originals, just keeping a mix up and trying to play the ones that everybody likes best.

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