Porter Robinson's Five Favorite Things About San Francisco

Porter Robinson loves the Bay Area. A DJ and producer who's signed to Skrillex's OWSLA imprint, he cites San Francisco as his favorite place to play out and visit, not least after 2011's packed gig at Ruby Skye marked the emergence of the electro-dance purveyor as as an artist capable of selling-out headlining shows on his own. So ahead of Robinson's Noise Pop-presented show at Oakland's Fox Theater this Friday, Feb. 24, we got him to tell us about the five things he hearts most in San Francisco.

Journey's Former Studio

“There's this studio in the Dogpatch area that was formerly Journey's studio. It was also where [Europe's] 'The Final Countdown' was recorded. It's in this warehouse. There are some artifacts of the time Journey spent there, plus a couple of records up there [on the walls] and a vocal booth that was formerly used by the band. Now The M Machine use it a lot, Penny is often up there, and one of the guys who basically lives at the warehouse goes by the alias of Tron Jeremy — we have this series of electronic-music-porn aliases… When you walk in there are all these bicycles hanging on the walls. It's a really nice joint. Am I a fan of 'The Final Countdown'? Well, it was featured awesomely in Arrested Development — there's a character called Gob who used it in his magic show and it's just the ultimate cheese. It's also really catchy.”

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