Pre-Burner Bash on Treasure Island

This Friday night, veteran Burners and the uninitiated alike can take a descent into musical madness, as the Opulent Temple comes to Treasure Island. Headlining the evening will be Detroit house music hero Carl Cox and SF's own Jef Stott, whose recent Six Degrees album Saracen was that perfect fusion of Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean tradition and dance club-ready beats we've been waiting to hear since Scherazade's time.

In addition to Cox and Stott, The Opulent Temple features 25 other DJs, including Janaka Selecta and Radio Hiro, as well as multiple stages, fire sculptures, lasers, the Flaming Lotus Girls, Art Cars, and the Hookahdome (?!?!), where Stott plays from 11:30pm-1 am. Check the Opulent Temple website for info about free shuttles from SF and Oakland and for discounted pre-sale tix. The link is here.

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