Premiere: Check Out Folk-Rock Band Rin Tin Tiger's Music Video for “Small Cuts That Bleed A Lot”

You may have never heard of the folk-rock band Rin Tin Tiger, but it's possible if you walked by Powell and Market Streets between the years of 2012 and 2014, that you saw them. For two years, the trio (consisting of brothers Kevin Patrick and Sean E. Sullivan, as well as Andrew Skews-Cox) performed on the streets of San Francisco, honing their craft and their sound, which is perhaps best described as twangy, country-esque rock. 

[jump] While busking was a good way to get the band's name and sound out there (Kevin Patrick Sullivan says they booked quite a few gigs through it), it was also intense. “There's a lot of street politics that go into busking in terms of other buskers and police,” he says. Sometimes the band would get shut down 15 minutes after a set, while other times, they'd be able to play for five hours without a problem. Ultimately, it was the police and their strict non-amplification policy (which restricted the band from using their amplifier) that turned the band off from busking. “The last five or six times we tried to busk, we got shut down every time,” Kevin says. “And we realized it wasn't worth it anymore. The hustle is too extreme. Busking is really hard on your body and your voice.” 

Busking aside, the band has dropped three albums and one EP since 2011, with another in the works. “Small Cuts That Bleed A Lot” is Rin Tin Tiger's latest single and newest music video, which All Shook Down is proud to premiere here for the first time. The song, Kevin says, is about the guilt and anxiety that comes from past experiences and mistakes that you can't admit or tell anyone about and just have to keep to yourself. “There's been different experiences I've had where I've wondered what I should have done or said, but in the end, all I can do is move forward and not look back,” he says. Ultimately, he says, the song is about overcoming those feelings “and just, like, dancing it off or something.”

The video for the single is a montage of candid moments shot while the band was on tour this past fall with Little Hurricane. Kevin used his VHS video camera and Skews-Cox used his camcorder to record the content, which the band later pieced together for the retro, DIY-esque final project. 

Rin Tin Tiger will be touring along the West Coast for the end of January. More info here

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