Premiere: Lake Lady Explores Her Insecurities in the Music Video for “Will Your Feelings Change?”

My boyfriend and I have now been dating for a year and it's the first “real” relationship I've ever been in. Things are going well and I really like him — like, a lot. So much so that I can't help but freak myself out by thinking about the future. Will our relationship end? And if so how? Will he meet someone else? Decide he doesn't want to be in a monogamous relationship? Or will he just lose interest in me all together?

It is the latter possibility that Oakland's Lake Lady (a.k.a. Charise Sowells) explores in “Will Your Feelings Change?,” premiered here today on SF Weekly.  In the haunting, eerie slow-burning jam, which is the first track on Lake Lady's debut EP Better Day, she sings “Will you love me / When my hair turns gray?” over and over, reinforcing the worry and concern that no doubt many women have experienced or will. 
[jump] Sowells wrote “Will Your Feelings Change” while she was still dating her current husband to describe what she calls “that plaguing insecurity one can feel when they realize they have fallen hard for someone.” As it turned out, without even hearing the song, Sowells' boyfriend told her “that he couldn't wait to see me with gray hair” and, Sowells said, “that's when I knew this love was the real thing.” He proposed to her a few months later. 

The black-and-white, silent movie-styled music video was filmed at and around Oakland's Lake Merritt and features Sowells biking around the lake, meeting various mystical women who either read her palm or make her a special tea. By the end of the video, Sowells undergoes a transformation of sorts and finds that she has indeed grown old — her biggest fear. The video ends at this point, so it's not clear what happens in the story, but at least we know what happened in real life for Sowells, who is still happily married. 

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