Premiere: Listen to This New Track From S.F. Rapper Adam Vida (Formerly A-1)

If Adam Vida doesn't ring a bell, it shouldn't. Today is the third day that the S.F.-bred rapper (formerly known as A-1; real name: Adam Traore) has used the name since announcing the change on Instagram and Twitter on Monday, March 7. 
[jump] You might remember A-1 from his viral music video “Double Dose,” which was shot amidst the San Francisco Giants post-World Series riots in 2012.  Vida's slick flow, confessional, personal lyrics, and penchant for ambient, hazy beats can be still found in his work under his new moniker, but with one change: the production quality is better. “I'm not necessarily changing my style,” he tells SF Weekly. “I'm just making everything better. It's not just me and my friends recording in the living room anymore.” 

The name change, he says, was necessary for two reasons: he wanted to make his name sound “more worldly” and it was too generic. As you might guess, Vida was not the only artist using “A-1” or a variation of it as his name. As a result, he says it was hard for people to find him on social media and music streaming sites, and he often got charged European taxes for shows because venues mistakenly took him for his European pop band counterpart, A1. “A-1 has served me well over the years, but it was also a social media nightmare,” he says. “I can't imagine how many fans I missed out on for having a name that was hard to search for.” 

Today, Vida unveils his first track under his new name, “Tomorrow Land,” which is the first preview off his upcoming April EP (which is technically his fourth EP as an artist, but his first EP as Vida). The slappy, dance-infused track was produced by Mikos Da Gawd and tells the tale of how much Vida's life has changed over the years and how far he's come as an artist. 

Check out the new song below and make sure to catch Vida at his upcoming May show at The Independent. 

Adam Vida plays with Mikos Da Gawd, Richie Cunning, and Dregs One at 9 p.m., Friday, May 13, at The Independent. More info here.

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