Premiere: Stream Pharaoh's New Heavy-Rock Single, “Ritual”

“Ritual,” the new song by S.F. band Pharaohs, starts off with a heavy smattering of guitar and drums before developing into a full-on heavy-rock song. Even though the trio formed in 2012, “Rituals” is only their third single, says singer and bassist, Zibbie Nwokah. The band, who met in 2006 at living room sessions in the Haight, gets inspiration from a number of genres and musical acts, Nwokah says, including '80s rock, indie-rock, dub, Pinback, Queens of the Stone Age, and Massive Attack. “We draw on these different genres,” Nwokah says, “but we kind of stay true to the rock side of things.”

[jump] “Rituals,” Nwokah says, tells stories about different friends' lives, but, at its core, is about “death, drugs, and women.” The song is the first in a string of singles that the band plans to release throughout the year. They also promise an EP by the winter.  

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