Premiere: Things Get Trippy in Talkie's New Music Video “Mountain”

Once you hear the San Francisco folk-rock band Talkie, their name makes more sense.

“Instead of having one person sing,” says Brad Hagmann, “we pretty quickly discovered that all four of could sing and had sung the lead in previous bands.” The resulting sound is a mixture of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Flaming Lips, which is to say, there's a lot of harmonies and sweet, sweet guitar-driven melodies. 

In “Mountain,” the quartet's first “official” music video and the first single to be released from their upcoming debut album, Hablas, the band frolics around Leonard Knight's trippy, technicolor Salvation Mountain (“It looks like a Play-Doh Sunday school drawing,” Hagmann says) dressed in all-white attire. The drive there took a harrowing nine hours, and when they arrived, they discovered that it also happened to be Knight's birthday. Though the crazy genius behind Salvation Mountain passed away in 2014, his family was there to celebrate and do repairs on part of the mountain while the guys trounced around and explored the zany site. Though their original intent was to shoot photos for their album cover, Hagmann says, “at one point, we just started dancing. Later, when we looked at it, the footage synced up with the song. It was totally by accident, but it worked.”

[jump] The band has only been around since 2014, but they've made quite a few waves during that time. They dropped an EP last January and played a show at Super Bowl City last week. In fact, their music has even being played at a number of big-name stores, like Starbucks, Chili's, REI, Jack in the Box, and L.L. Bean. With Hablas dropping in a few weeks (on March 4), it's looking like 2016 will have a lot in store with the burgeoning band. 

Talkie play at 9:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 13 at Neck of The Woods. More info here

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