Premiere: Watch 18-Year-Old S.F. Songwriter Andrew St. James Perform in a Redwood Grove

“The Lost, the Vain,” might seem a pretty world-weary title for an 18-year-old singer-songwriter, but that's Andrew St. James for you. The San Franciscan models himself on all sorts of jaded, sensitive troubadours here on one of the early tracks from his upcoming debut album, Doldrums, out Sept. 24: You'll hear a little Ryan Adams, and definitely plenty of Dylan, as St. James wonders whether being rich and famous is all it's cracked up to be. His lyrics aim for Bob-style second-person specificity, and strike a few false notes along the way (the lines about “hip alternative street folks” and “your summer home in the Hamptons,” are awkward, for example). But “The Lost, the Vain” is a promising opening salvo for a dude and his guitar, especially considering the age of the principal involved. We're premiering the video for “The Lost, the Vain” below, in which St. James sings in a redwood grove in Nicasio, Marin. It's pretty:


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