Premiere: Watch Spooky Mansion's Bizarre Music Video for “Gone Too Far”

Lock four guys in a hotel room with a camera, a quart of rum, some acid, and two vintage dresses and you'll get something akin to Spooky Mansion's latest music video. 

“We didn't really have a story in mind,” says singer/guitarist Grayson Converse. “We just played the song on loop for like seven hours and got in character.” 

“Gone Too Far” is the S.F. band's second single to get a music video (directed by Ryan Terzian) and comes straight from their self-titled EP that came out on January 8. Though the quartet (which includes Converse, Marty Reising, Carlos McCone, and Rob Mills) is known for making surf-rock tunes, there's a slightly moody streak to each of their songs, and “Gone Too Far” is no exception. The guitar-heavy instrumentals pair well with Converse's strangled, wailing voice, and the bizarre, not to mention confusing music video (which includes a pineapple, pink carpeting, boy-on-boy action, and paint splattered faces) only adds to the vibe. 

[jump] The act has been playing a residency at Amnesia for the month of January with features from fellow S.F. bands, like Hot Flash Heat Wave and Talk of Shamans. They formed in 2014 and played their first show at a friend's house party on the Fourth of July. “We were pretty under-prepared, but it was cool,” says Converse, adding that a guy on acid started playing drum solos during their set and that their drummer took over the mic and spit spoken word poetry. “It was really fascinating.” 

All four dudes hail from the Sunset and are part of the same “big group of friends,” according to Converse. If the video for “Gone Too Far” is any indication, the quartet is indeed quite close (even though two of the members weren't present during the filming of it). 

Check out the music video, premiered here on All Shook Down, for some trippy visuals and groovy tunes. 
Spooky Mansions plays at Make Out Room on Saturday, Jan. 30 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

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