Prince Wolf on The Influence of Sylvester and No Cell Phones on the Dancefloor

With a name fit for royalty, DJ and persona Prince Wolf entered the local nightlife scene through the fashion world, handling everything from interviewing drunken models to producing fashion events. Quickly gaining a reputation for putting on successful parties within the fashion industry, he soon began throwing and hosting club events. As a bedroom DJ mixing on turntables in his design studio since 2007, it wasn’t until a year ago when he had to fill in for a missing DJ that he began preparing for his professional DJ debut.

We chatted with Prince Wolf about hosting parties, his favorite artist, and his love for the local nightlife scene. He makes his official DJ debut for Go Bang! this Saturday, March 7, at The Stud. 

[jump] How did you get the name Prince Wolf?
I was bestowed the title of Prince Wolf by the Imperial Court of San Francisco, a 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization turning 50 this year.

What's been most challenging in learning how to DJ?
I find a lot of music out there to be inspiring yet underplayed. It’s the balance of playing what you want versus becoming a jukebox.

Name an artist we can definitely find you playing during your DJ set.
Growing up in the Bay Area, I remember being in bed quietly tuning in to a radio stations at 3 A.M. or so in my early teens to listen to disco and house as they where normally not broadcasted during the day. A local disco artist I have always respected and enjoyed dancing to is Sylvester. I appreciate his talent and the courage to do what he did as an artist and individual. I remember being into his more popular songs like “You Make Me Feel” or “Do You Want To Funk,” now I’m into “Sell My Soul” and “Rock The Box.” I plan on playing one of his songs.
Who would your dream DJ partner be?
The crowd because it’s amazing to see a DJ connect with them.

Besides Go Bang!, where else would you like to DJ around the Bay?
I would love to play outdoor events specially the smaller neighborhood ones. I feel like exposing people to music they are not used to hearing on the radio would be great. I’d like to play parties like Afternoon Delight in Oakland, dive bars and undergrounds.

As a host, what kinds of energy to do you enjoy bringing to the crowd?
I once overheard, “This is place is fun, it looks like people are having fun.” I like making people feel welcomed. I like when people feel free to be them while keeping in mind there are others around them.I love when someone can’t wait to come to the next one or dare to bring a family member to the party.

What's the worst club faux pas you've seen?
I think we have all have our share of them, but cell phones on the dancefloor or bogarting “precious” square footage are at the top of my list.

Lastly, what do you love most about the local DJ scene?
Most of them are pretty friendly and know each other. So it becomes an intimate world.

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