Producers Gabriel and Dresden on the New Dance Scene and Loving Berkeley Bowl

Following their debut in 2001, S.F. trance producer-DJs Gabriel and Dresden quickly gained recognition in the EDM scene for putting feel-good lyrics and melodies over progressive house beats. Shying away from one-dimensional beat reverberations on dynamic tracks like “Arcadia” and “Tracking Treasure Down,” the talented duo had scored 19 No. 1 Billboard Club Play/Dance tracks and mixes by 2007. However, after touring extensively in the midst of their success, the producers Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden decided to take a break and focus on their solo careers.

Reuniting in 2011, Gabriel and Dresden lost no time assimilating themselves back in the EDM scene, releasing new tracks on Armada Music and playing sold-out festivals around the world. Dave Dresden recently spoke with All Shook Down about renewing the duo's chemistry, the importance of lyrics in EDM tracks, and how social media has come to play a big part in the group's career. Gabriel and Dresden headline ETD Love at the Regency Ballroom with John O'Callaghan, Myon and Shane 54, and more this Saturday, Feb. 4.

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