Public Service Broadcasting: Show Preview

“Inform, educate, and entertain” is the official mission of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is also the title of the debut album from a band called Public Service Broadcasting — an odd, compelling new duo that combines live rock with historical clips from English TV and radio, instead of traditional singing. “Huh” is an appropriate response here, but hold your judgment, 'cause staticky voices testifying to the superiority of WWII-era British fighter planes some how fit very well over the band's motorik groove in “Spitfire.” And a driving rock riff feels easily at home behind old voices warning about the dangers of operating an automobile in “Signal 30.” The result generates a strange nostalgia for the era when, say, air mail seemed novel, and offers a compelling representation of the idea of Britishness. Public Service Broadcasting performs with live instrumentation and projections of the archival footage used in its songs, so we'd say it's pretty likely to live up to that BBC motto at Slim's this week.

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