Put Away the Cameras and Watch the Show, Music Fans

In a recent interview with Spinner, White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather mastermind Jack White explained why he doesn't allow fans to shoot photos and video during shows at Third Man Records:

When we have concerts [at Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville], we don't allow people to film and take photos. That's not about not letting people have a memento, that's about: how sick are you of watching people in the crowd not looking at the stage? They're watching a tiny little TV screen in their hand instead of watching what's really going on in life.

I notice this phenomenon at nearly every show I see — but especially the larger ones: Fans, often ones fortunate enough to have great views of the stage, watch most of the concert through the screen of their camera, smartphone, or other device, rather than their own eyes. Since they're holding their camera/phone high enough for me to see the screen (and partially blocking my view), I can tell that this is usually a waste of time. Their pictures usually look like crap. And let's ponder for a second the likelihood that these people, in some future state of sobriety, will actually watch the 90-second video they shot of Tool from 50 yards away, recorded with a tiny lens and a microphone with the dynamic range of a Playskool telephone.

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