Put Down Your Laptop and Go See Bands While Supporting a Local Cause

In an age where civic obligation is reduced to “liking” a story about some heinous injustice, or donating online to earn a personalized kombucha coozie, it's refreshing to see rock bands sweat it out live to benefit a local cause (especially since rock bands are increasingly prone to seeking charity online themselves.) Laptop philanthropy can be effective, but donations in the cloud don't exactly cry “community effort” like a horde of locals committing their evening to the plight of other disadvantaged locals. So, see the release show of Icewater's Collector's Edition, featuring opener Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces, on Dec. 20 at Café Du Nord. Icewater's Grant Martin, a Bay Area native, passed away during the recording of Collector's Edition, and all proceeds benefit a fund created in his name for underprivileged music students.

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