Queens D.Light: The Powerful Rapper

Effects sputter, a saxophone sample hovers into the atmosphere, and a smooth bass rolls into a jazzy drum loop as Queens D. Light announces her arrival: “I’m everything special, future now retro.” The simple opening flow, encapsulates so much of who the Oakland MC is: a contemporary rapper with nods to boom-bap production like this, reminiscent of the hip-hop golden era sound of the early ’90s, as her signature canvas.

At one lyrical corner, she’s fierce, confident, and definitive with lines like “If I said it, then I meant it/ even if it shifted/ I keep it funky and relentless/ young black and gifted.” At another turn, she professes her reverence for the goddess of her Yoruba faith: “Guess, who I be, the daughter of Oshun, the first to birth outta the earth, stars and moon.” All the while, never losing sight of building an aura of consciousness with a barrage of rhymes and drawn out hooks that stick.

Evoking shades of timeless MCs and stylistic counterparts like Jean Grae and Bahamadia, Queens D. Light is making a name for herself within Oakland’s Them Hellas crew. 2014’s California Wildflower LP was a comprehensive expression of her unique style and has us beyond curious to see what the next move will be. 

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