Queercore Band Limp Wrist on Playing Live Again and Life as a Gay Punk

The song “I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore” is a given at most Limp Wrist shows. The brief, screamy hardcore anthem was written early in the band's career (late '90s) but it remains a mainstay, a memorable chant that crowds of sweaty punks cheer for. Not that they often have the chance to.

Since the four members of the legendary queercore band live scattered across the U.S., they're rarely in the same city and only play a handful of shows every couple of years. The band hasn't played a live show in two years, but when it was asked to tour South America, the members jumped on it and booked a few warm-up gigs in San Francisco —  two members live in the city — including one tonight at the Big Gay Warehouse and another this Friday at El Rio. We caught up with all four Limp Wrist members — guitarist Scott Moore, bassist Andrew Martini, drummer Paul Henry, and singer Martin Sorrondeguy — sitting around the coffee table in Martin and Scott's living room, with the irritating booms of Republican rocker Ted Nugent's Tuesday night show at the Independent audible on the street below.

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