Quit Bitching: Tuesday Night Picks

My apologies for the irregularity of nightly events. Like a tweaker holding an empty baggie, thinking about what could have been but never was, I am ashamed of myself. For that I apologize. Sigh. But now I present to you two events that will make your Tuesday night a most splendid one:

The always brilliant Zoetrope: All-Story has a release party for their latest issue — featuring a particularly damp and moist Pamela Anderson on its cover — at Cafe Zoetrope in North Beach. Expect loads of wine, singing, dancing, and bon mots being tossed around with abandon. No word on whether or not the husky Francis Ford Coppola will make an appearance, but supporting this local literary gem is reason enough to go, yes? Yes. (6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., free)

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