Quotes of the Week: Farewell to Robin Williams, Killer Mike Stands Up For Ferguson and Too Many Kardashians on the Dancefloor

“You have such an incredibly beautiful soul. I love you but you already knew that. Whenever wherever u need me, I'll be there”.
Frances Bean Cobain offers a shoulder to Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda, after his shocking suicide. (Twitter)

“My prayers+sad heart are with Robin Williams' family tonight. Only met him once, but it was one of the most enjoyable moments of my life RIP… He gave so many of us so much joy. I hope he knew that deeply.”
Pink (Twitter)

[jump] “#RIPRobinWilliams so heartbreaking…. thank u for the joy & laughter…. condolences, love and light to his family during this tragic time… so sad :'( hope he is at peace and his spirit feels how much love he is getting”
Ariana Grande (Twitter)

“I can't take the Robin Williams news. I've never cried over someone I've never met but I can't stop”
Miley Cyrus (Twitter)

“Look at this Mother and look at this father… How can u not feel sympathy for their pain… These are not “THOTS, niggas/niggers, hoes, Ballers, Divas. These two people are parents. They are humans that produced a child and loved that child and that child was slaughtered like Game and left face down as public spectacle while his blood drained down the street.”
Killer Mike posted a photo of slain Ferguson, MO. teen Michael Brown's parents on Instagram with some extremely moving text. (Instagram)

“They’re talking about revolutionizing the church when, in fact, they’re equating female ordination and pedophilia… When you consider that, it shows you how little they think of children and the rape of children… So, while I don’t think [Pope Francis] is an asshole, I have to laugh at people’s attempts to say that he’s bringing reform to the church.”
Sinead O'Connor's going on about the Catholic Church again… (Billboard)

“No one knows more about dramatic males than I do…”
Taylor Swift, before presenting 'Choice Movie Actor' at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

“As for the actions that have brought us to this broken ending, I cannot speak for anyone or explain their internal struggles that prompted this heartbreaking sequence of events. All I know is what I have seen. I did not witness a shouting match, a cat fight or a brawl. I witnessed a single direct punch.”
Somebody in Danity Kane punched someone else in Danity Kane and the girl group broke up. Amazingly, they think we care! (Danity Kane)

“We've got a similar, gnarly, sort of slightly strange, skinny bodies.”
Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe would like to play Iggy Pop in a movie. WTF? (KCRW Radio)

“All these bitches know that you're my nigga, I ain’t trippin' off of any of your niggas, Cause I don't care about your nigga, four niggas, five niggas, six niggas, I ain’t give a shit about shit, nigga”
PARTYNEXTDOOR's “Recognize” single is so terrible, it's unintentionally LOL-worthy. Oh, and Kylie Jenner's in the video (her super-conservative father must be THRILLED!)

Talking of Kardashians in music videos (clearly, they were all inspired by Kim's scintillating appearance in Kanye's “Bound” clip) here's a mostly-masked Khloe Kardashian in French Montana's “Don't Panic”. You can stop now, ladies…

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