R.I.P. Dave Devereaux, Owner of the Mission's Force of Habit Records, 1970-2011

“Braindead” Dave Devereaux, owner of Force of Habit Records in the Mission, a small but passionately run shop specializing in rare punk rock, vinyl, and collectible toys, has died of an unknown cause. He was 41.

Devereaux passed away on July 4 or 5 — paramedics found him dead in his apartment on July 5, and autopsies to determine the cause of death have proven inconclusive. For the last year and a half of his life, Devereaux suffered from gastroesophageal problems, according to family members and friends.

“Dave was one of that sort of vanishing species known as a record geek,” said Jello Biafra, former vocalist of the Dead Kennedys and regular customer at the shop. “Very passionate about music.”

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