Raw Milk: Playing Russian Roulette With Your Health, With Sylvester Stallone?

Is drinking raw milk like “playing Russian roulette with your health“? The California State Legislature seems to think so. Earlier this month they quietly passed a new law that essentially bans the sale of unpasteurized milk in the state, one of just four in the U.S. that allow raw milk to be sold in stores. Needless to say, the 40,000 or so raw milk buyers in California, along with several dairies, are pretty pissed off about it and intend to fight for repeal.

The debate is over the levels of coliform bacteria in raw milk, most strains of which do not cause illness. In fact, many people buy raw milk specifically because they want some of that bacteria, which they contend helps build the immune system and ward off allergies and asthma.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures, which sells most of the raw milk in California, is leading the fight against the new law, and is planning a call to action among his customers — among them Sylvester Stallone — in hopes of repealing the measure.

— Brian Bernbaum

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