Reactions to Michael Jackson's Death (Pt. 1): Lyrics Born, Sake 1 & More

When a pop culture icon passes, it's never a happy thing. The death of Michael Jackson has definitely sent shivers through the urban community, most of whom revered MJ's music, which was an essential soundtrack for most of their lives. Well, up until Bad, at least.

But this is no time for humor. This is a time for remembrance.

When ASD heard about Jackson's passing, we quickly asked local DJs, label owners, artists, and authors for their reactions. Sterling James, KBLX's afternoon drive-time DJ, had to break the news on the air to listeners. “The outpouring of phone calls and disbelief was heartwrenching,” she says.

Lyrics Born echoed what was surely in the minds of many when he said, “It was too soon. I always felt like he had a 4th wave in him. I was looking forward to hearing more output.” (Jackson had reportedly relocated to LA in the hopes of recording a comeback album.)

To DJ Sake 1, “Michael Jackson is the embodiment of an energy that can never, EVER die. His body may no longer breathe but his music, his style, his legacy will continue to live and grow stronger.”

Vegan soul food chef and author Bryant Terry reminisced on seeing the Jackson 5 as a young child: “I remember seeing Michael Jackson and his brothers performing on the roof of K-Mart as a child in Memphis. Thousands of people filled the parking lot. It was as if Jesus had descended from the heavens.”

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