Real Estate Conjures a California Sound at the Independent, 2/28/14

Real Estate

The Shilohs

Dream Boys

Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

The Independent

Better than: Real Estate with 10 fewer songs.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Real Estate isn't a San Francisco (or at least California) band. Its sound — that singular Real Estate Sound — is clean guitar tones and vaguely wistful vocal melodies, a musical accompaniment to a Pacific Ocean sunset as it turns from orange to pink to purple to twilight blue. Onstage Saturday at the Independent, bassist Alex Bleeker gives the band away with his effusive praise for the city of San Francisco. Praise like that these days only comes from outsiders looking in.

But, for a night, let's pretend that the New Jersey quintet is Californian. After all, we are at a Noise Pop show, a sold out one at that, and it just wouldn't be proper to miss out on the local acts playing all over town tonight (local acts like Dominant Legs, who will open for Real Estate tomorrow night, at least for everyone who takes the 8 p.m. start time seriously). Actually, scratch that. The local acts are important, but let's remember: San Francisco is a destination. The best bands don't always have to be from here, because they're damn sure going to come here. And Noise Pop is as much about the bands from the local scene as it is about the bands who are honored to take part in this often magical indie-rock festival — which could very well be older than some of the people in the room tonight.

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