Recession Got You Hurting? Live Off Groupon For a Year

Calling all of our unemployed Bay Area peeps, we have a crazy way for you to travel the US, with zero expenses, and make $100,000. The catch is you are not allowed to spend any of your own money; you are to live only off Groupons, which are basically just collective coupons provided by The other part of the catch is you give up all your worldly possessions, including your apartment, the clothes on your back, even your toothbrush.

The only thing you get to “keep” is your health insurance (which you probably don't have anyway).

The Live Off Groupon for a Year contest was just announced this morning and already gotten over 100 emails from people who want to participate (deadline is February 24th). Groupon is a great way to try things in the city, because you can get up to 75% off everything from teeth whitening to trapeze classes. Launched in 2008, Groupon has quickly grown to over 40 US cities, by using collective buying power to offering consumers deals on things to do, eat, and try in their city. We love Groupon because it supports local businesses, while giving us amazing bargains during the recession.

We wanted to make sure someone from SF wins this contest, because we at the SF Weekly are doing our best to lower the unemployment rate, one person at a time.


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