Reel Big Fish: Show Preview

Third-wave ska was last in vogue when people still thought Y2K was a threat, but the passage of a decade hasn't changed the fact that many of these bands still make an awfully accessible and enjoyable racket onstage. See: well vetted Huntington Beach six-piece Reel Big Fish, at the top of the Candy Coated Fury 2013 Tour. The tour takes its name from Candy Coated Fury, RBF's most recent record and a phrase that aptly encapsulates the group's sarcastic, semi-seething lyrics wrapped in fun, bouncy tunes. Down the bill is self-described “raggacore” unit the Pilfers, a New York City quintet that has been in business intermittently since 1997. And rounding it out is a solo performance from Dan Potthast, the prolific Santa Cruz citizen best known for fronting the sensational MU330. If you've ever needed a reason to pull your ratty checkered Vans out of the closet, this is it.

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