Resurrect California Announces Final Lineup (Breakdown, Bold, Blacklisted, Dropdead)

924 Gilman is pulling out all the stops for its big festival this labor day weekend. Resurrect California fest just announced its final lineup, which includes NYHC legends Breakdown and late-'80s youth crew band Bold.

Bold has been wanting to play Gilman for a while, and after an attempt to get on the recent Judge show fell through, this fest was lucky enough to scoop 'em up. But this show isn't just about the headliners —  some of the West Coast's very best hardcore acts are also set to perform.

[jump] From down south you have The Coltranes, Temecula’s weirdest — and most entertaining — punk act who never fail to entertain a crowd. There's also the brutal Facebook drama/grindcore band ACxDC, and San Diego's Drug Control, an in-your-face straight edge hardcore act who recently released a self-titled EP.

Speaking of straight edge, Coke Bust, the Washington D.C. straight edge globetrotters, put on one of the greatest sets I've ever seen at 924 Gilman a few years back, and I can't wait to see what the group has in store for this fest. 

From the north we have Gag and White Wards, two highly celebrated hardcore acts known for their energetic and lively performances. You can watch Gag's recent Rainfest set on Hate5Six (an awesome project that documents live performances).

But the lineup's not all hardcore — local fuzz-rock act Happy Diving (who just struck a deal with Topshelf Records) and its soon-to-be tour mates Never Young, a internet-art-tinged noise rock act, are sure to provide concert goers a welcome reprieve from camo short-heavy breakdowns.

SF Weekly's J. Poet wrote this about local hardcore act Culture Abuse: “According to its own propaganda, this crazed San Francisco quintet loves to get drunk, do drugs and play music. The band's video for “Perfect Light” shows members sniffing various powders (coke? smack? Drano?), smoking funny cigarettes (pot? hash? tobacco? flypaper?) and engaging in self-abuse and the abuse of others, both fully clothed and bare-ass naked. The music (when the members put down their beer cans long enough to play it) veers from metallic sludge to visceral hardcore punk played at tooth-shattering volume with attitude to spare. David’s belligerent in-your-face snarling lead vocals compliment the band’s crushing, chaotic approach to guitar driven overindulgence.”

I'll also be there, playing in my band PURE and pretending like I'm in Tompkins Square Park when Breakdown plays. So come say “hi.”

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