Ric Ocasek


Since his Cars sputtered to a halt in 1987, Ric Ocasek has largely eschewed a solo career, releasing a handful of indifferently received records and touring only once. Still, he's left his imprint on the musical landscape. His passion for tight melodies and irrepressible hooks has been obvious in his work as a producer, churning out hit records for the likes of Weezer and Bad Religion. Now he's back in the performing game with Nexterday, and the rust is evident. He hasn't lost his ear for a solid hook, and there are shades of Heartbeat City-era Cars in catchy numbers like “Bottom Dollar” and “Crackpot.” But nothing grabs you the way Ocasek's best work can. Like its synth-heavy closer, “It Gets Crazy,” Nexterday is a pleasant diversion, and nothing more.

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