Robyn Celebrates 'Dykes and Trannies' at the Warfield



November 23, 2010

@ The Warfield

Better than: Dancing on your own.

So we know that Robyn is obsessed with robots, but it might be time to consider the possibility that she actually is one.

Last night at the Warfield, the Swedish lass delivered her hypnotic house-pop with an eerily mechanized efficiency. She bounced and twisted and punched the air with a shock-and-awe sexiness that could have been programmed into some clinically effective Intel-designed pop-star chip. Picture a just-this-side-of-androgynous Data (yes, from “Star Trek“), blonde mop, platform construction boots, goldish tights, love sensors turned up high in the CPU's emotion algorithm, full fuck-me vocabulary installed, whipping an 85 percent gay crowd into gyrating ecstasy. If last night was any sign, the impending vapidness of our tech-orgy future may at least be a pretty good time.

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