Ross Mirkarimi and Jazz Mafia Celebrate New Live Music Permit at City Hall

Ever wonder why San Francisco isn't like New Orleans, or Chicago, or Paris, where every cafe, bar, restaurant, and shoe store seems to feature live music at one point or another?

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi thinks he knows the reason: Getting the required entertainment permit is just too damn difficult and expensive for a small business.

So Mirkarkimi and fellow supes Scott Wiener, Eric Mar, and David Campos helped write legislation for a cheaper, simpler permit that would allow small cafes and restaurants to host live music legally without dealing with lots of red tape. Instead of, say, $15,000 to get a permit, this one costs less than $400.

It's called the Limited Live Performance Permit, and as you read this, the S.F. supervisors are deciding whether to approve it. At a press conference/music party on the sunny steps of City Hall Tuesday afternoon, Mirkarimi seemed confident it would pass.

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