RÜFÜS DU SOL on Australia's Burgeoning Electronic Music Scene and the International Success of Atlas

It's hard not to pine for sun-streaked daydreams and long summer nights when listening to Australia's indie dance trio RÜFÜS DU SOL's latest album, Atlas. While members James Hunt, Jon George, and Tyrone Lindqvist have been making music together since 2010, it was their 2014 worldwide debut of Atlas that catapulted them into international fame. As a result, the live electronic trio has toured extensively around the world this year, enhancing their melodic indie-pop tracks with a multitude of live instruments, bright lights, and sing-alongs. Jon and Tyrone got together to answers some questions about how to stay fresh on tour, making their next album in Berlin, and what went wrong the first time they ate In-N-Out. RÜFÜS DU SOL plays live Friday, October 24, at Mezzanine with fellow Aussie artists Hermitude as support. 

[jump] How does it feel to basically have won every award in the Australian music scene this year with Atlas?
[Laughs] I imagine it would feel great! But, there are still a couple we are eyeing off actually … seriously though, it's great to be recognized by peers and the industry. The electronic scene in Australia is so strong at the moment. Everyone is pushing each other and it feels like a real community. We are stoked to be a part of it and to be able to take amazing musicians like Hermitude and Hayden James out on the road with us. It's a good time in Australian music. Really excited to get home actually, we've been away for over two months now.

Since you guys are in the process of writing a second album, has the success of Atlas streamlined the writing process?
Yeah, we're writing with more direction now. We're in a different place, we really know what we want to get out of a song, so we're feeling good about that. We've all been listening to a lot of different things so we're bringing our own influences to it. But, I think it's not writing together for over a year that has made the process fresh.

A ton of artists have remixed tracks for Atlas. Which has been a special one that has stood out?
There are so many good ones. The Rampue remix is a favorite. It has this piano line that is just beautiful .
We heard you're writing most of the album in Berlin, and returning there after this U.S. tour. What have you picked up on this leg of the tour that you can bring back to continue writing the new album?
[Laughs] Maybe some brooding loneliness.

What kind of club would perfectly reflect your melodies?
We try to write with a feeling in mind rather than an environment. Some of those feelings are more suited to the deeper club tones and some are made up of those summery, outdoor party feels. So we kind of like to walk the line between light and dark with our music.

If you guys could collaborate with any band past or present onstage, who would it be?
Maybe Bill Murray or James Murphy or Thom Yorke or Nico Jaar.

We heard you guys don't really like In-N-Out. As a Californian that hurts. What has been your favorite food to eat in the U.S.?
You're putting us on the spot here, man! I guess In-N-Out was really hyped up to us. Everyone in Australia raves on about it … so we had very high expectations. We'd go there again, but this time we'd know what we were getting into. We like a New York slice, and as lame as it sounds, making your own lunch or breakfast at Whole Foods is the closest you can get to cooking without a kitchen. Which is pretty great when you haven't had a kitchen for a couple of months.

You guys have been nonstop touring this year. What's the best way to stay healthy and fresh?
Clean towels and coffee.

Will you guys be testing any new jams in this Friday, the last stop on your tour?
There will be stuff that peeps in S.F. haven't heard live before … but not testing brand new jams, more bringing out a couple of old ones. And maybe a friend if we can rustle one up, but that's still in the works.

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