S.F.'s Karmacoda Turns “Baby It's Cold Outside” into a Trip-Hop Mood Setter

Call us grouches all you want, but “Baby It's Cold Outside” has always been one of our least-favorite holiday songs. Until today, that is, when we heard the downtempo/trip-hop version just released by long-running S.F. outfit Karmacoda. Somehow they've squelched the winking leer of the original in favor of a vibe that's still sexy but a lot less creepy. Of course, the song remains a duet, sung by vocalist Heather Pierce and producer Brett Crockett, and the tension between the two voices is still at the core of this new version. Their words and melodies finally come together in the, er, climax, which tells you everything you need to know about where the narrative goes.

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