S.F.'s the American Professionals Are Really Doing Business

The American Professionals are led by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chuck Lindo, a St. Louis native a who grew up playing in punk and noise pop bands. He founded the American Professionals in 2003 as a solo project, wanting to explore the more melodic side of his personality. After numerous personnel shifts, Lindo settled down with the power trio of Cheryl Hendrickson on bass and lead/harmony vocals and drummer Adam White. The first album with the new configuration, We Make It Our Business, will be released on Jan. 14. Unlike many indie rock bands, the AmPros actually make a living as full time musicians playing and composing music, including TV jingles and commercials, as well as licensing tunes to Nickelodeon shows like “Zoey 101” and “Drake and Josh.” The band headlines Bottom of the Hill tonight, Dec. 26; before that, Lindo spoke to SF Weekly from the band's corporate headquarters. The American Professionals also perform at Bottom of the HIll on Jan. 29 to celebrate the release of We Make It Our Business.


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