Sacramento Rapper Mozzy Releases Mandatory Check And It's Just As Dark And Gangsta As You'd Expect

Dilettante rap fans might not know who Mozzy is — yet — but hardcore hip-hop heads, especially in California, have been following him since he exploded on the scene in 2015 with his highly-lauded album, Bladadah. (Rolling Stone named it the 22nd best rap album of 2015.) 

“It's like anywhere I go in the Bay Area, any mall they scream my name,” the 28-year-old told Vice. “Everywhere I go they take pictures, they want autographs, any new merchandise I get they eat it up it sells out within a week,” 
[jump] Compton rapper YG has done a song with the emcee (“City Mad”), and earlier this year, Mozzy hopped on a track off of Vallejo rapper Nef the Pharaoh's EP, Neffy Got Wings. Hell, I even saw a guy with a pit bull puppy walking around downtown San Francisco the other day blasting the rapper's music. 
Like Skeme, a rapper from Inglewood, Cali. — whom collaborated with Mozzy on “For The Bucks” — Mozzy has a gravelly voice and a penchant for making dark, gangsta raps that are as insightful as they are violent. Which is to say, Mozzy's music is not written for the mainstream population; it's written for the streets. He raps about friends who are in jail, friends who are snitches, giving hookers make-overs, shooting enemies, going to jail, “sippin' hella glue,” and “pour[ing] baking soda in the pot and let[ting] it marinate.” As he sings in “Smaller Than A Dot:” I speak about the struggle 'cus I'm still in it.”

To give you some context, Mozzy was arrested three times by Sacramento Police between 2005-2008 for possession crimes, including possession of a firearm and evading police. He was arrested again in 2014 for a possession crime and served time at the Sacramento County Jail. When he got out, Mozzy was determined to clean up his act and focus solely on music, and promptly released four albums in 2015 and an EP earlier this year. Unfortunately, Mozzy is on probation and can't leave the state of California despite the many tour offers that are no doubt flooding his inbox. 

Last Friday, June 10, Mozzy released his first solo album of 2016, Mandatory Check, and though the album still mentions drugs and murder, overall, it's much more reformed.  “If you listen to my music now, it’s about the consequences of this shit,” he told All Hip Hop

The 18-track album features c0llaboration from a slew of lesser-known Nor-Cal rappers, as well as bigger names like Rich Homie Quan and Iamsu! But is it Mozzy's best work? No. It sounds like it was recorded in haste and though he made efforts to spice things up with the R&B-tinged jam, “Like Me,” the bulk of the album drawls on with the same cavernous, bass- and clap-heavy beats. 

That said, if you've never heard Mozzy before, consider this an introduction, but I'd recommend listening to 2015's Gangland Landscape for a better introduction to the rapper. 

Download Mandatory Check here for free or stream it below. 

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