Sahara Hotnights

Kiss & Tell

Karen says Kimmy hates her earrings. But did you hear? New from far-away Sweden: Hotsounds!!! It's like a really super dance party — just for girls! As much ultrafun as three-way calling, and so unstoppable. Only megahunk John Stamos is hotter than these hot, hot summer Hotnights. But Kiss & Tell's no plastic Mattel product. Sahara Hotnights has wrestled the girls-just-want-to-have-fun aesthetic back from Lohan and Mary-Kate and buttressed it with enough musicianship, pop smarts, and precision to be worth a damn again. So what if after listening to the quartet's third disc I sometimes sing the Go-Go's “Vacation” for the rest of the day? Tracks like “Who Do You Dance For?,” “Hot Night Crash,” “Walk on the Wire,” and “Hangin',” with their indestructible beats and Pet Sounds-esque backup vocals, are perfect fodder for summer camp lip-sync contestants and sweaty summer keg parties. Anyone can feel like a Hotnight. And if you just start singing along and go with it, feeling like a Hotnight ain't such a bad thing — even for a boy.

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