Sales for Drake's “Jumpman” Have Sky Rocketed After Taylor Swift's Epic Treadmill Face Plant Apple Music Ad

On April 1, Apple Music released an ingenious video that is perfect for fans and haters of Taylor Swift alike. The under-one-minute video features a sporty-clad Swift standing on a treadmill, getting ready for a nice jog. First, she stretches, then she selects her music (Drake's “Jumpman” featuring Future) from the Apple Music app. Swift turns the treadmill on and starts jogging, all the while singing and gesticulating wildly to the song. And then she falls. Hard. And it's hilarious. 
[jump] The Apple Music ad however was no April Fool's joke — it's a legit ad that Billboard reports had been in the pipeline for months. Apple Music head of content, Larry Jackson, started brainstorming ideas with Swift via email, and, after three “creative sessions” with Swift, the team filmed the video in February.

In the six days since the video was released, it has been viewed over 20 million times on Facebook and Instagram, and has upped “Jumpman's” sales, too. Sales of the song are up 431 percent globally on iTunes and the #gymflow playlist that Swift played the song from in the video is now the No. 5 playlist of the week on Apple Music. 

“We wanted to capture that feeling that music accompanies every element of your life, and the [Apple Music] service is the backbone of that concept,” the video's director Anthony Mandler told Billboard. “When you match that with Taylor's stance of dancing like nobody's watching, I think it was a very effortless flow.”

Swift also posted the video on her Instagram page (it has now garnered over 1.4 million likes), which she was able to do because the social media app rolled out a new feature allowing minute-long videos two days before the video was released. 

The video has since made the leap from the internet to mainstream TV, with 60-second ads running on ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. In the coming weeks, two additional videos with Swift are planned to be released, and she will also star in a larger Apple Music campaign in the next few months. 

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