Texas or Bust
Von Lmo isn't the only musician recording soundtracks to “invisible movies” these days. The power-popsters of MK Ultra recently released the self-produced Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, the score for Unless They Love You, an independent feature by director Tommy Borgnine, who died a tragic death just after his controversial film wowed Sundance. At least that's what the band's bio says. When asked how Borgnine died, a publicist was mysteriously evasive. “Um, I'll have to call the band,” she said. “It was all a fabrication,” laughs vocalist John Vanderslice. “People call us all the time and ask if the film will ever be released. I wanted to make a record that had some kind of outside structure. These songs were specifically written with a plot in mind, a family saga about a man who leaves his father (who's losing his mind) and moves to California with his girlfriend.”

“We actually went so far as to shoot stills,” he continues. “Ideally we'd like to make a movie, I guess.” In other news, MK Ultra will be schlepping its gear to the SXSW music convention in Austin, Texas, this week. Vanderslice says he's hoping to score a distribution deal at what is currently the mother of all schmoozefests, or at least “spread our propaganda.” Other Bay Area acts flooding the clubs that week include Idiot Flesh; Wynona Riders; Engine 88; Amandla Poets; the Mermen; Dieselhed; Timco, who just released Gentleman Jim on Priority; Hugh; Chuck Prophet; Mensclub, whose Coming to Take You Away comes out next month on Bar None; the Meices (see a review of Dirty Little Bird in Recordings this week, Page 42); and Imperial Teen, who release their debut on Slash! in May. More on that front when Samples reports from Texas, tired, hung over, and broke.

This Is Radio Clash
The First Amendment will be in full effect when “Pirate Fuckin' Radio” broadcasts all day Wednesday, March 13, on 87.9 FM. To generate awareness about FCC censorship and raise funds for radio activist Stephen Dunifer of Radio Free Berkeley (who faces the FCC in court on March 15), Hip Hop Slam has organized a press conference at the DNA Lounge at 2 p.m. with Jello Biafra, Billy Jam, Dunifer, and other concerned parties. In addition, the programming will feature one-hour stints by guest DJs and an evening concert with Conscious Daughters, The Coup, the West Coast Rock Steady Crew DJs, and more at DNA. Internet junkies can keep up on-line via HotWired at “HotWired approached me when they heard about the show,” Jam says. “The government is already trying to censor the Internet just as they did radio.” Call (510) 835-4048 for more info.

By Sia Michel

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