Space Oddity: Von Lmo's Fire
Just in time for the full moon, space alien-cum-industrial noise progenitor Von Lmo is returning to his one-time stomping grounds to blast “bubble-gum metal with neutron rock.” The Von Lmo legend is a complex one, ranging from the “black-light dimension” to the planet Strazar; suffice to say that his stints in bands like Red Transistor, Kongress, and Why You … Murder Me? had a big influence on the no-wave and white-noise movements. A close encounter with Von Lmo is always perplexing — is he a savvy Devo-like myth-maker or an acid casualty? You be the judge.

Q: Is this tour part of a comeback scheme?
A: Actually, I'm making a forward line drive into the future, and making a comeback from the future into the present. According to human theory, that is a comeback, but I've been hovering in this reality since 1991. Before that, I was in suspended animation for 10 years.

Q: What is the concept behind your new record, Red Resistor?
A: Physics is the theme, and Albert Einstein is the concept. I juggled around with some formulas and created a new theory of electric guitar, a very evolutionary — I should say revolutionary theory — about playing in 10 dimensions: being able to play in 10 different directions and do 10 different things at once. You have to smash the atoms not visible to the human eye as they get in your way. It's about blowing out all the circuit breakers in the house, and in the house next door — that's how you know you succeeded. You must interact with these forces in a black hole, and exist inside it subconsciously, which I am doing as we speak.

Q: The cover says it's an “original motion picture soundtrack.”
A: I'm doing a film called Red Resistor/Mass Destruction about the end of the world. One survivor is left who creates a new civilization of half aliens and half humans. It's an invisible movie, whatever you “see” when you hear the CD.

Q: Explain your slogan “Advance Yourself!”
A: It's very important. It means you have to get in touch with the universe, and realize that what I'm in touch with — lights, the quantum particles, plants, the human race — all comes together from vibrations of sound. Once you think of yourself as something actually floating around, you can get rid of the negative and concentrate on the positive. I've created an entire formula for a person to take a step into advancement with each one of my songs. You could actually say my CDs come with instructions. The other thing is to stop licking postage stamps. This is very bad, a government plot to destroy brain cells. And I will say no more on that one.

Von Lmo plays with the Oats Fri, March 1, at Boomerang; Sun, March 3, at the Chameleon; and Tues, March 5, at Nightbreak, all in S.F.

By Sia Michel

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