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Think drug imagery, violence, and bare booties are the only things that won't fly by MTV censors? According to Mark Kohr, who directed two videos for Green Day, the network balked at a series of teeth-pulling shots in “Geek Stink Breath.” The verdict: The close-up extractions could stay, but the bubbling blood had to go. The Bay Area-based Kohr was a panelist at SFMOMA's “Choreographed Spaces: Design for Rock 'n' Roll,” a special program helmed by architecture and design curator Aaron Betsky in hopes of luring “different” types of people into the marble halls. An interesting blend of academic and pop culture, the event featured videos displaying innovative uses of architectural imagery (including Madonna's “Express Yourself,” Michael Jackson's “Scream,” and segments from David Byrne's True Stories) and various rock poster and album designers: Art Chantry of Man or Astro-Man? fame; Drew Takahashi and Susan and Bruce Burdick, who constructed exhibits for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame; and graphic designer Mike Mills, who has worked with the Beastie Boys (and designed the X-Girl logo). Mills was one of several artists who talked about going to art school and studying art history in order to later deny it. Like many young artists, Mills credits MTV for his early interest in graphic art: During his days with his very first girlfriend, he used to watch the then-new MTV with her, and that imagery, however bad, is fascistically etched in his memory. “J. Geils videos and her are entwined, and that is fascinating to me,” Mills laughed.

Last Call
Look on Page 45 for your last chance to vote in the sixth annual WAMMIES awards and pay tribute to your favorite unsigned local bands, succor your friends, and wreak vengeance on your enemies (all ballots are due by Oct. 31). Thanks to a stellar nominating committee, the ballot looks especially good this year, a representative slice of a sprawling music community. The winners will be announced at a party Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the Great American Music Hall, featuring Pansy Division, the Coup, M.I.R.V., Anibade with Ledisi, Preacher Boy & the Natural Blues with Ralph Carney, MC Bud E. Luv, and an assortment of oddities including masked Mexican wrestler La Chingona. Nominated bands should contact Silke Tudor at 536-8150 for guest list information. Otherwise, tickets are a mere $10; call 885-0750.

Hot Wheels
Gearhead magazine's record release party for 500 Miles to Glory: The Gearhead Magazine Compilation will be at Kilowatt, Saturday, Oct. 21, featuring the Meices and Nine Pound Hammer. Call 861-2595.

By Sia Michel

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