San Francisco Semi-Charmed by Third Eye Blind Semi-Concert

Third Eye Blind was in San Francisco yesterday to — wait, that's not right. Third Eye Blind is from San Francisco, is working on its fifth album here, has enough to say about Lincecum's pitching game to be composed of credible locals. Anyway, the band played yesterday, in Union Square, across from Macy's, where it was lending tuneful support to Tommy Hilfiger and his “Ultimate Tailgate Party.” Why? Because you don't say no to Tommy Hilfiger, that's why. Also because Tommy Hilfiger is helping sponsor 3EB singer Stephan Jenkins's anti-poverty initiative, True Meaning. And because Jenkins had performed the day before at a young professionals event for Jerry Brown. Look, are we really going to sit down and sort through the complex web of mercantile affiliations? We've all got jobs.

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