Santa Cruz Punk Legends Bl'ast on the Band's Resurrection and That Show Where They Nailed a Guy in the Head With a Skateboard

In the modern age, the endless reissue of classic albums in new, improved and remastered iterations has become a standard cash-grab maneuver for the beleaguered recording industry. However, when metal/punk imprint Southern Lord announced earlier this year that it was putting out a new version of the 1987 album It's In My Blood by Santa Cruz punk legends Bl'ast — taken from a set of newly discovered unmixed master tapes — it promised to be more of a complete rebirth than a reissue.

Label head Greg Anderson (of celebrated metal bands Sunn O))) and Goatsnake) took the tapes to friend and longtime Bl'ast fan Dave Grohl. Using the famed Neve console featured in the musician's acclaimed Sound City documentary, Grohl and his engineers stripped away the original effort's dated, reverb-heavy '80s production and reintroducing tracks played by briefly tenured second guitarist William “Kip” Duvall (better known as the current singer with Alice in Chains) to stunning effect.

The violent, visceral results heard on the rechristened Blood! reveal the envelope-pushing mix of headlong hardcore fury and dissonant, metallic riffs that made Bl'ast one of the leading lights of the West Coast scene during the post-Black Flag era. Corrosive sonic grenades like “Only Time Will Tell” and “Something Beyond” leap from the speakers with a bristling intensity that the original release only hinted at.

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