Saturday at Noise Pop: Best Coast Is Lazy, Wavves Is Crazy at the Regency Ballroom

Best Coast

Hunx & His Punx
February 26, 2011

Better than: Standing on Van Ness avenue in not-snow, holding a useless laminated card.
We can sorta see why you'd think a Noise Pop Festival badge would get you into a climactic Saturday night show only a few minutes after its 8 p.m. start time. 
We certainly did. But alas. 
All badge access to the Best Coast/Wavves/Hunx and His Punx conflagration at Regency was cut off at 8 p.m. on the dot. Period. The show was sold-way-the-fuck-out, and the young'uns started lining up to get in before sundown. So badge holders who didn't arrive before the 8 p.m. start time (like we ever) were not getting inside to see Bethany and Nathan and their giant vomiting cat poster.
Which is unfortunate. You guys in the grousing, lanyard-ed posse outside: Can we introduce you to the scalper mumbling about $70 for a working ticket? That's your only avenue to hearing “Boyfriend” live tonight. The rest of you badge holders are doing something else.

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