Saturday: Devo Invokes Sid Vicious and Incites a Mosh Pit at the Fillmore


Jan. 14, 2012

The Fillmore

Better than: Bands that try to cash in on '80s nostalgia without keeping up their chops.

Watching concerts from bands that were popular in the '80s can be really depressing — or, in the case of Devo, incredibly energizing.

Since its formation in 1973, the band has only had a five-year period of inactivity (1991-1996), and that time spent on the road has yielded both technical proficiency and a playful chemistry among its members that's engaging to watch. On the second night of a two-day stay at the Fillmore, the members of Devo jumped, sweated, and dazzled with multiple costume changes, even undressing down to their skivvies at one point.

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