Saturday Night: Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt
Chinatown and beyond
Better Than:
The Streets of San Francisco on DVD

How well do you know the City? Even if you were born and raised here, it's unlikely you're familiar with every back alley, side street, commemorative plaque, historical landmark, or reference point. You might be surprised to find there's much more to San Francisco than meets the eye.

Created by private detective Jayson Wechter, the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt is part tour, part mystery, part social experiment. Held annually on the day of the Chinese New Year's Day Parade, it's billed as a treasure hunt, but it's really a great way to enrich your knowledge of San Francisco. The setup is simple: You traipse through Chinatown, North Beach, and Union Square with a map and a series of cryptic clues directing you to, as the event's PR puts it, “obscure landmarks, architectural delights, and vestiges of San Francisco's colorful past.”

The devil, as is often the case, is in the details.

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